Ceramic New Lined Shoes

Ceramic New Lined Shoes

SilverbackHD’s GeoMetric™ Series ceramic new-lined heavy-duty truck and trailer brake shoes improve stopping distance, while lowering wheel end temperatures and cost per mile. Fleet managers who desire increased braking performance and decreased maintenance costs demand this product.


  • Better Stopping Power
    Using our proprietary positive-molded ceramic fiber formulation, SilverbackHD 20K, 23K and 23HTP frictions have demonstrated excellent torque and lower line pressure under the most severe conditions, and that means better stopping power. Our RSD (Reduced Stopping Distance) brakes are certified to stop up to 24% shorter than required!
  • Lower Cost per Mile
    SilverbackHD retains less heat and wears less friction, which means a substantially lower cost per mile, an important benefit for the cost-conscious fleet.
  • Enhanced Durability
    SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ Series ceramic new-lined shoes are engineered and manufactured to meet the harshest road condition. Our shoes have eight stitch welds, plus sixteen top welds that bi-directionally reinforce the thicker table, and withstand 3,000 psi sheer testing. They hold factory concentricity for up to 25% longer than relines.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Electro-deposition coating withstands 1,000 hours of salt spray exposure, which virtually eliminates rust-jacking and premature failure. In fact, our OE-grade shoes provide the highest level of rust-jack protection in the industry!

Built for Severe Duty

Our GeoMetric™ Series OE-grade new-lined shoes were the first brake shoes in the marketplace built with Intentional Engineering™, a process that ensures multi-component harmony between the friction, shoe table, drum and brake hardware. Bi-directional, torsional-reinforced welding is used on our shoe tables to maximize roundness and concentricity for superior friction to drum contact. With reinforced welding and harmonized heat-treating on the anchor and cam ends, our new-lined shoes support brake geometry where inferior new shoes or used relined shoes fail.

Intentionally Engineered heat-treating specifications harmonize with GeoMetric™ Series OE-grade S-cam and brake hardware heat-treating to reduce system maintenance and improve on-the-road braking performance.

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