Cam Repair Kit

Cam Repair Kit

Balanced braking, friction wear and proper brake geometry all stem from the proper actuation of the S-cam. Without proper tolerances in the S-cam repair kit, trailer fleet brake performance suffers on a mile-by-mile basis. That’s why SilverbackHD engineers carefully audit each component of every SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ S-Cam Repair Kit. When you need the tightest tolerances in the industry for S-cams, ask for SilverbackHD heavy-duty cam repair kits.


  • Durability and Long Life
    Built using SilverbackHD’s Intentional Engineering™, each component is manufactured with only top-grade materials for bushings, pins, O-rings and cam tubes, and is selected for durability, longevity and the ability to maintain tolerances under extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Tightest Tolerances
    From tool-grade steel to bronze to polyester, SilverbackHD bushings deliver a tolerance up to .050 inches tighter than competing hardware kits. This commitment to quality is found in each component of every S-Cam Repair Kit so that it matches the Intentional Engineering™ standards of SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ Series S-Cams.

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