Heavy Duty Truck Brake Products

Fleet managers choose SilverbackHD Products for quality, heavy-duty parts. Built to extremely high standards of manufacturing and Intentional Engineering™, our products withstand the harshest environmental and road conditions.


SilverbackHD is the premier manufacturer of Ceramic Balanced Formulation™ frictions. Fleets throughout North America have depended on our line of heavy-duty and severe-duty frictions for many years. For applications ranging from school buses and o...

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Ceramic New Lined Shoes

SilverbackHD’s GeoMetric™ Series ceramic new-lined heavy-duty truck and trailer brake shoes improve stopping distance, while lowering wheel end temperatures and cost per mile. Fleet managers who desire increased braking performance and decrea...

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Wheel Kits

Our truck and trailer wheel kits are the preferred choice of fleet managers who value quality and consistency. The benefits of SilverbackHD Intentional Engineering™ become quickly obvious to fleet managers and maintenance technicians when they sta...

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Hydraulic Disc Pads

SilverbackHD Quiet Ride™ ceramic-enhanced hydraulic disc pads are the perfect solution for fleet managers looking for the quietest hydraulic disc brake pad on the market. We manufacture every Quiet Ride™ heavy-duty disc pad to the highest standard...

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Air Disc Pads

SilverbackHD KXT Aramid Fiber High Torque air disc pads are engineered to run cooler, last longer and stop safer. Built to meet or exceed OE standards for performance and safety, SilverbackHD’s KXT produces higher torque output, shorter stopping a...

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SilverbackHD 35K™ heavy-duty truck brake drums are made to OEM standard grey iron and state-of-the-art computer-aided mill balancing for improved performance. This grey iron has a tensile strength of 35,000 psi, yielding denser iron to dissipate w...

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Brake Hardware Kits

Brake geometry — the alignment of the brake to the spider, cam and drum — is essential for proper braking efficiency; however, many truck and bus brake hardware kits use inferior parts that result in flat-spotting cam rollers, rusted and worn-out ...

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Cam Repair Kit

Balanced braking, friction wear and proper brake geometry all stem from the proper actuation of the S-cam. Without proper tolerances in the S-cam repair kit, trailer fleet brake performance suffers on a mile-by-mile basis. That’s why SilverbackHD ...

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SilverbackHD’s GeoMetric™ Series S-cams are an integral component of our Intentional Engineering™ strategy of manufacturing every brake component not only tougher, but better able to harmonize with related parts, minimizing the maintenance cost to...

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Slack Adjusters

SilverbackHD’s complete line of GeoMetric™ Series manual and automatic slack adjusters is consistent with our corporate Intentional Engineering™ standard. Each automatic truck and trailer slack adjuster is engineered to exacting standards to ensur...

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Air Chambers

SilverbackHD takes its Intentional Engineering™ into the world of air chambers with the development of our GeoMetric™ Series air brake chambers, spring brakes, piggyback kits and accessories. These superior truck and trailer air brake chambers are...

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Wheels & Rims

SilverbackHD continues its standard of OE-grade wheel-end components with the SilverbackHD heavy-duty tubeless, demountable truck wheels and rims. Our high-quality, wheels found on heavy-duty trucks and trailers throughout North America exhibit su...

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Please download our SilverbackHD literature for your reference. Contact us to request printed brochures. Product Brochures SilverbackHD OE-Grade New Ceramic Wheel Kits SilverbackHD KXT Aramid Fiber Air Disc Pads and OE-Grade Hardware ...

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GeoMetric™ Brake and Wheel End Components

Higher grade steels, reinforced welding, tighter tolerances and denser frictions are just a few of the characteristics that are found in our GeoMetric™ product line, which includes ceramic new-lined shoes, OE-grade mill-balanced brake drums, precision-milled S-cams, automatic slack adjusters and more. Our product improvements translate into longer product life and less maintenance for quality-conscious fleets.

The Importance of Brake Geometry

Throughout the wheel end, engineers have designed components to work at optimum angles to one another. The brake shoe must sit squarely on the spider, creating an even foundation from which the webs must sit at a 90-degree angle to the drum face. Similarly, for proper torque from the air chamber to the slack adjuster, there should be a 90-degree angle from the slack adjuster arm to the air chamber push rod, when cutting the rod. These optimum angles are referred to as "brake geometry." They were designed and engineered into the braking system by Original Equipment Manufacturers, but brake geometry is often overlooked in the specification of aftermarket brake and wheel end parts.

The SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ Series

SilverbackHD introduced its line of GeoMetric™ brake and wheel-end components to support brake geometry from the shoe to the brake hardware, to the S-cam, cam repair kit, slack adjuster and air chamber.

The SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ new-lined brake shoe is built with reinforced welding and harmonized heat-treating on the anchor and cam ends, so it supports brake geometry where inferior new shoes or used relined shoes fail. Our shoe ensures that SilverbackHD customers receive an even wearing of friction. Uneven shoe wear can result in disproportionate heat load buildup in the wheel end, which increases fleet maintenance costs.

But the shoe alone does not solve brake geometry issues. Inferior brake hardware compromises brake geometry with flat-spotting cam rollers, hanging return springs and worn anchor pins. That’s why SilverbackHD designed its GeoMetric™ Series brake hardware to harmonize with the GeoMetric™ brake shoe under the company’s Intentional Engineering™ protocol. By matching engineering specifications of hardness on the shoe’s cam ends and the cam rollers as well as the head of GeoMetric™ Series S-cams, Intentional Engineering™ eliminates costly repairs.

When fleets are looking to do something different to control costs and maintain a competitive edge, restoring OE brake geometry with the SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ Series of intentionally engineered brake and wheel-end components will improve vehicle brake performance and safety, all while lowering cost per mile.